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EZ-Flo Replacement Cap

EZ-Flo Replacement Cap

Product Description

This is is the new Replacement Cap for all EZ-FLO models 2017 and newer. Plus it retro-fits all following models: 

  • EZ001-CX - 1.5 Gallon Main-line Dispensing System
  • EZ003-CX - 2.5 Gallon Main-line Dispensing System
  • EZ 2005-HB - 3/4 Gallon Hose End EZ-Flo Fertilizing System
  • EZ 2020-HB - 2 Gallon Hose End EZ-Flo Fertilizing System
  • EZ 1010-HB - 1 Gallon EZ-Flo Hose End High Pressure System
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