EZ-Flo Fertilizing System

EZ-Flo Fertilizing System

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*Please note:  Maximum operating pressure is 50 PSI. This system may not be left under pressure when idle. It must be installed after backflow protection and downstream of any zone valve or hose end water timer.

These non-constant pressure EZ-FLO Low Pressure Hose Bib Fertilizer Injectors are an economical choice for fertigation. With the adjustable mix ratios, fertilizing with the EZ-FLO units is flexible and easy. The EZ-FLO injectors are ideal for backyard gardeners, commercial landscapers and small farms. Just fill the tank with 100% water soluble dry fertilizer or a concentrated liquid fertilizer and set the adjustment valve - it is that easy! 

The hose threaded EZ-FLO units include the cap, a hose bib adapter which connects directly to an outdoor faucet and hose thread backflow preventer (sold separately), the inlet/outlet bypass tubing with barbed on/off valves and a set of flow discs for low flow applications.

EZ-FLO injectors require a low minimum flow of 120 GPH, but can operate down to 7.5 GPH when appropriate flow restriction discs, included with the unit, are installed.  

Each time the watering cycle is finished and the water shuts off, when installed properly, the EZ-FLO tank will depressurize on its own, which will ensure a long service life. 

The tank does not have to be completely filled with fertilizer.  Simply add the amount you want of your undiluted fertilizer, as the system pressurizes the tank will fill with water, pressurizing the unit for automatic injection.

It is important to note the following:

  • All EZ-FLO fertilizer injectors must have a backflow preventer installed to prevent fertilizer and other contaminates from entering your potable water supply.
  • Hose threaded EZ-FLO systems are not designed for use under constant pressure and must be placed inline after timers or valves.
  • Water pressure should never exceed 50 PSI or tank may rupture.
  • High temperature environments (where summer temperatures exceed 100° F (38° C) ) in combination with high water pressures may also cause PE & PVC plastics to weaken and the product too fail. Permanently installed fertigation units should be located in a valve box or other suitable location out of direct sunlight to minimize risk of failure from excessive heat and from the degrading effects of ultraviolet radiation. Protect your portable hose bibb units from direct sunlight for extended periods of time as well.
  • EZ-FLO injectors must be removed from service before freezing temperatures.  Remove, drain, and store hose bibb models in garage or shed during winter season.

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Please Note Warranty Limitations: EZ-FLO hose and drip systems (Models: 2005 & 2020) will split at the tank seam if subjected to constant (static) pressure. Hose and drip units are not designed to contain static (continued) pressure while idle. Please make sure that all water pressure is relieved from the system by relieving the pressure on the hose or sprinkler unit when not in use.  In addition, a hose and drip unit subjected to operating pressures above 50 PSI will not be covered by Manufacturer Warranty. See details of EZ-FLO limited warranty.

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