EZ-Flo 1 Gallon Hose End Constant Pressure System

EZ-Flo 1 Gallon Hose End Constant Pressure System

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EZ-FLO Hose Bib Constant Pressure System

The EZ-FLO 1-Gallon Hose End Constant Pressure System can be used in an on/off or constant pressure set-up of not more than 80 PSI. Use with your garden hose, a drip system or a single zone irrigation system after the zone valve.

EZ-FLO injectors are an economical choice for fertigation. With the adjustable mix ratios, fertilizing with the EZ-FLO units is flexible and easy. The EZ-FLO injectors are ideal for backyard gardeners, commercial landscapers and small farms. Just fill the tank, with 100% water soluble dry fertilizer or a concentrated liquid fertilizer and set the adjustment valve - it is that easy!

The hose threaded EZ-FLO units include a hose bib adapter which connects directly to an outdoor faucet. Units can also be connected to a main water line with an EZ-FLO Ball Valve Coupling (sold separately). All EZ-FLO fertilizer injectors must have a backflow preventer installed to prevent fertilizer and other contaminates from entering your potable water supply.

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