EZ-FILL Funnel

EZ-FILL Funnel

Product Description

The EZ-FILL Funnels make quick, clean work of refilling your EZ-Flo fertilizer injector. No more product wasted from overflow or spills. Two sizes to choose from depending on your EZ-Flo model. The wide funnel spout allows granular and powdered products to flow through easily without clogging, plus the large hopper size holds larger volumes without spillage and makes refilling faster and easier.

High Capacity Funnel, EZ-FNLHC, is compatible with the following models: EZ010-HC, EZ017-HC, EZ025-HC, HF-045, & HF-086. The large funnel spout and 17" diameter hopper size allow you to freely pour a 25 pound bag of fertilizer in the hopper at one time or just dump in a jug of liquid without fear of splashing.

Standard Capacity Funnel, EZ-FNLSC, is designed with the smaller EZ-Flo models in mind, specifically models: EZ001-CX, EZ003-CX, EZ005-FX, EZ010-FX, EZKit-1, EZKit-3, EZKit-5. Although it is compatible with all models of EZ-Flo fertilizer injectors. The standard capacity funnel measures 4-7/8" across.

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