Dual Chamber Sand Media Filter

Dual Chamber Sand Media Filter

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The all new Dual Chamber Sand Media Filter from Irritec.

Note: These units do NOT come with a controller. To automate the flushing you can add item 9352.

Product Features

  • Suitable for water with high amounts of organic substances: algae, mud and slimy particles of organic mix.
  • DCM is recommended for water from rivers, canals, lakes or reservoirs.
  • The special spreader nozzles located inside on the horizontal plate, prevent
  • compaction and channeling of media effectively decreasing head loss through
  • the filter.
  • The DCM is a dual chamber filter divided in two by a reinforced plate. Its special
  • structure has been designed to reduce footprint and be highly portable.
  • The filter is provided with Bermad Plastic Backwash valves with semi-auto 3 way
  • operation.
  • DCM can be used with or without gravel pack.
  • Tank, manifold, collectors, grommets and gaskets all designed, engineered and
  • manufactured by Irritec.
  • Sturdy steel legs designed to accept forklift forks and are pre drilled for easy
  • install.
  • Large access ports for ease of maintenance, inspection and sand removal. • Under drain mushrooms are easily replaced and in stock.
  • Concave floor facilitates more efficient back flush. Floor will not crush.
  • Comes complete with all pressure gauges, air vent, grooved couplers
  • and nipples on inlet, outlet and back flush exhaust.
  • Automation kit available.
  • Manifold bracket for easy mount of Irritec DC Back Flush Controller and other
  • popular brand controllers.

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