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Drip Depot Modular Metal Raised Beds

Drip Depot Modular Metal Raised Beds

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Drip Depot raised garden beds are made from a special metal alloy of zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Durable AkzoNobel coating in multiple color options on the outer walls and protective rubber around the top edge adds beauty as well as durability. AkzoNobel coatings are environmentally safe, rust resistant, and will provide a higher level of performance than metals alone. This makes our beds completely safe for all plant and vegetable growth.

Create your own unique space with our modular metal raised beds. Combining one or more bed kits offers you greater flexibility and more creativity when designing your garden space.

42"L X 24"W = 2N1 has 4 corner panels + 2 side panels

60"L X 24"W = 4N1 has 4 corner panels + 4 side panels

78"L X 24"W = 6N1 has 4 corner panels + 6 side panels

96"L X 24"W = 9N1 has 4 corner panels + 8 side panels

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