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Drip Depot Economy Adjustable Dripper on 1/4\" Barb

Drip Depot Economy Adjustable Dripper on 1/4" Barb

Product Description

Economical On-Line Adjustable Dripper. Perfect for trees, shrubs, large landscape ground covers and larger sized potted plants. Simply turn the cap the specific number of clicks to obtain the desired flow and coverage.


  • Easy to remove the top  for inspection and cleaning
  • Compatible with 5/3 vinyl and 1/4" PE tubing
  • UV resistant
  • Flow Rate: 0 - 18 GPH @15 PSI
  • Optimal Operating Pressure: 15 PSI

Please Note: 16 clicks equals one full turn. Maximum adjustment is two full turns. Sprayer will drip at less than 3.2 GPH flow and spray at more than 3.2 GPH. Spray diameter increases with higher flow and pressure. Maximum diameter is approximately 60 inches.

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