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DIG Microsprinkler On Spike

DIG Microsprinkler On Spike

Product Files
Product Description

This is a Dig Micro-Sprinkler on spike with interchangeable heads for 360°, 180°, 90° or strip spray. Designed for consistent uniformity over large diameters (up to 25' full circle). Can be used on flower beds and vegetable gardens, trees, ground cover, slopes or seed germination. The slow, even application of small droplets make micro-sprinklers the ideal method to achieve deep watering with no runoff or evaporation loss. Includes 24" micro-tubing with barb and a 13" stake. 

Diameter or radius of coverage @ 25 PSI:

  • 360° spinner/rotor, up to 25’ in diameter
  • Blue 90° spreader insert, up to 10’ radius
  • Red 180° spreader insert, up to 5.1’ radius
  • Black strip spreader with 30° x 2 insert, up to 7.5’ radius
Product Specifications
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