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DIG Jet Sprayer on Threads with Replaceable Heads

DIG Jet Sprayer on Threads with Replaceable Heads

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This 12-Jet Sprayer on 10-32 UNF threads from DIG comes assembled for 360° operation with additional snap-on heads for creating 180° or 90° flat spray patterns. Recommended for flowerbeds, low shrubs and small trees. Installation directly into 1/2" poly tubing using rigid risers or in the end of 1/4" (.170" ID x .250" OD) poly tubing and mounted on a riser stake. Can be installed inverted when a very small wetted area is desired. Large flow through water passages reduce clogging. Durable construction from high-impact resistant, UV protected plastic with no moving parts for long life.

Operating PressureFlow Rate in GPH90° - Radius180° - Radius360° - Diameter
15 PSI7.54.0'4.9'4.3'
20 PSI8.85.0'6.9'5.7'
25 PSI10.05.5'8.0'6.5'
30 PSI11.06.0'8.5'6.9'
*Coverage is based on 10 inch above ground installation.
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