DIG ECO1 MVA Ambient Light (Solar) Powered Irrigation Timer with Manual Valve Actuator

DIG ECO1 MVA Ambient Light (Solar) Powered Irrigation Timer with Manual Valve Actuator

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DIG's ECO1-MVA is an advanced single-station solar powered irrigation controller that uses a patented, time-tested internal photovoltaic module and microelectronic energy management system that is energized by ambient (solar) light. This unit is mounted on a 3/4" actuator to automate manually operated anti-siphon valves. Ambient light allows this controller to operate anytime, anywhere, and in any weather.

Compatible with the following 3/4" and 1" manual anti-siphon valves: 

  • Champion
  • Orbit
  • Rain Bird
  • Lawn Life


  • Use for drip irrigation or sprinkler systems
  • Seven buttons with integrated LCD
  • Programmable run times from 1 to 5 hours and 59 minutes in 1 minute increments
  • No backup battery or AC power necessary - uses clean solar energy
  • Watering frequency: weekly or cyclical schedule with odd days, even days or intervals from one to thirty (1- 30) days utilizing 365 day yearly calendar with leap year
  • Five start times per day in weekly or cyclical provides added flexibility for any type of watering application
  • 20 Preset Historical ET programs with 10 climate zones, 10 for drip irrigation and 10 for spray systems.
  • Monthly seasonal adjustment budget (0 to 200%) in 5% increments without modifying the controller's program duration; also can be used to fine-tune the preset ET program for each month.
  • Rain off/delay option with automatic restart of up to 99 days


  • Recommended operating pressure: 20 to 80 PSI
  • Water Temperature range: 38-130°F
  • Controller input: 3,000 -100,000+ LUX
  • Solenoid: 7-12 VDC, two-way latching, normally closed using two wires
  • Assembled with 3/4” adapter with seat-washer, also includes a 1” adapter with washer in the package
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