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DIG 50\' Tan 1/4\" Micro Vinyl Tubing

DIG 50' Tan 1/4" Micro Vinyl Tubing

Product Description

This is a 50' roll of 1/4" Tan Vinyl Tubing (.245" OD x .156" ID) for use with DIG's 1/4" misting components. This tubing is not compatible with any other brand of misting components including tubing or fittings not made specifically by DIG. The soft, very flexible tubing is easy to work with and can withstand normal household water pressures up to 80 PSI. Compatible with Dig's Ocean Breeze Misting Kits. It is recommended to install cooling misters 8 - 12 feet above the ground for optimal cooling effects.


  • Extruded from commercial grade vinyl resin
  • Contains a minimum of 2% concentrated UV inhibitor to protect from thermal degradation
  • Use with the DIG 1/4″ beige barbed fittings
  • Proudly made in the USA

To create your own microclimate, follow these instructions to install the tubing line: 

  1. Lay out the flexible tubing line at a height of 8′ or higher and use 1/4″ “C” clamps every 2′ to 5′ to secure the flexible tubing line to the structure.
  2. At the location where the first fogger is to be placed, add a 1/4″ barbed tee at a 90° to 120° angle to the ground and to the tee add approximately  2” of additional 1/4″ flexible tubing line.
  3. Insert the barbed end of the fogger into the end of the flexible tubing line. Continue using the same method to install each of the remaining foggers you have.
  4. Turn the water on to flush the line and then use a plug to close the end.
  5. Turn the water on again and test the system making sure that each fogger is operating correctly.
  6. To automate the system, install a misting timer that can operate for a limited time through the day for short cycles, such as every 2 to 5 minutes for 30 to 50 seconds. 
Please Note: Most of our misting system components are brand specific. All DIG brand misting components are compatible with DIG's Ocean Breeze Misting Systems while most Orbit brand misting components will work in several of the Orbit Misting Kits. The DIG brand is not compatible with the Orbit brand. Please contact our Customer Support agents for assistance.
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