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DIG 1 Pint Proportional Fertilizer Injector

DIG 1 Pint Proportional Fertilizer Injector

Product Description

DIG 1 Pint Automatic Proportional Fertilizer Injector


Economical, flexible and easy-to-use, the Add-It™ 1-Pint (.47 L)  Feed your lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, raised beds, vines and potted plants automatically. 
No moving parts  
maintenance free operation. 
No pump or outside power source is required. 
Simple and Easy to Install
Apply fertilizer proportionately and evenly throughout a drip system or conventional sprinkler irrigation system with no pressure loss
Work with any liquid or water-soluble dry fertilizers
Constructed of heavy-walled, UV-resistant PVC


Operating pressure: 10 to 60 PSI (.7 to 4.2 BAR)
Minimum operating pressure: 10 PSI (.7 BAR)
Minimum flow rate: .5 GPM (2 L/M)
Sizes: 1 pint (.47 L)
Preset Ratio: 100:1, 100 parts water to 1-part additive
Temperature range: up to 130°F (54°C)
Inlet and outlet threads: 3/4" FHT Inlet X 3/4" MHT outlet

Mounting position: Vertical

Product Specifications
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