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DIG 1 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb - Tan

DIG 1 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb - Tan

Product Description

Dig's 1.0 GPH Tan Misting Nozzle on Barb provides cooling relief in the hot days of summer by increasing moisture in the surrounding air. Great on patios and decks or around your pool. Misters should be installed at a 120° angle to the ground and spaced 3' - 4' apart. Operates with common household water pressure between 35 - 80 PSI. The 360° spray pattern covers a 2' - 4' area with 60 - 80 micron sized water droplets. The barbed misters are used with flexible misting line.


  • For use with 1/4" misting line: Cut misting line in the place where you want to position your misting nozzle and insert the straight portion of the 1/4" line tee. Push a small piece (1" to 2") of 1/4" misting line into the bottom of the line tee, and push the barbed end of the misting nozzle in to secure.
  • For use with 3/8" misting line: Punch a hole in the line with a hole punch and insert barbed end of mister.
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