Dema FlexFlow

Dema FlexFlow

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The FlexFlow Piston Diaphragm Pump from Dema, is designed to deliver acid and other chemicals making it a great solution for fertigation in greenhouses and orchards. The FlexFlow pump is easy to use and program and delivers acids and virtually any chemical directly into pressurized water lines. The state of the art technology will vary chemical delivery volumes to accommodate changes in water flow and pressure for a precise downstream solution.


  • Uses dry pulse from water meter for accurate proportional chemical injection accommodating changes in water flow and pressure
  • Probe allows unit to display pH, multiple alarm options and probe based chemical injection (instead of water meter pulse injection)
  • Easily programing with keypad and liquid crystal display
  • Built-in priming valve eliminates air in chemical feed line
  • Lexan dust cover protects control panel and LCD screen
  • Power Connection: 6' power cord for standard 120VAC electrical outlet
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