Dema Cyclone Portable Fertilizer Injector

Dema Cyclone Portable Fertilizer Injector

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DEMA Cyclone - Portable Fertilizer Injector

Kit contains a complete metering tip kit, pick-up hose, strainer, ceramic weight and stainless hanger. This injector can be used for residential and commercial drip irrigation systems.


  • Made in the USA of polypropylene and Kynar (PVDF) materials, chemically resistant materials designed for years of use
  • Flow rate 3 GPM at 40PSI, will induct 12.8 oz per gallon (no tip)
  • Includes 13 metering tips designed for the most popular chemicals, tips allow dilution rates
  • Capable of 180 GPH at 40psi and 15 gallons of chemical injection (no tip)
  • Inlet and outlet fittings are brass GHT fittings
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Check valve includes Teflon ball, Viton o-ring and Hastelloy spring so it can be used with Chlorine and other harsh chemical applications 
  • Injector starts drawing chemical with water pressure as low as 25psi inlet pressure
  • Max induction achieved at 35psi


  • Liquid fertilizers and organic supplements. 
  • Sanitizers used in vet clinics, poultry, swine, dairy, and food processing. 
  • Truck, tractor, and car washing.
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