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Deep Drip Watering Stakes

Deep Drip Watering Stakes

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Product Description

Deep Drip Watering Stakes

We think the Deep Drip watering device is pretty amazing. It is constructed of recyclable ABS plastic.

The 8" watering device is perfect for small trees and shrubs with shallow roots. Rose bushes, ornamental trees, hanging tomato plants and large container pots will thrive. Using our 14" device for small new trees will ensure water gets to the rootball. The 14" device also works well for commercial application on trees still in the box. Use the 24" stake for mature or larger trees. Placing two or three around the inside edge of tree canopy.

To help Mother Nature along as your tree grows and roots extend, it is recommend that you reposition the device beneath the outer edge of the trees canopy. The Deep Drip watering stakes are designed to make that easy. With two holes at the top of the upper shaft, you can remove and replace the unit. Just insert a screwdriver in the holes and pull up.

The Deep Drip watering system is easy to use. Your garden, flowers, trees and shrubs are more effectively watered, deep at the roots, where it matters. That results in a garden and tree filled lawn you can be proud of while protecting the environment and conserving water.

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