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Claber Rain Sensor

Claber Rain Sensor

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Enhance your watering system's efficiency with the Claber 90915 Rain Sensor. Save water by automatically pausing irrigation during rain showers. Enjoy easy installation, durable construction, and bird deterrent features. Make your garden smarter and eco-friendly, while ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


  • Efficient Water Management: Automatically shuts down your system during rain, preventing unnecessary watering.
  • Sensitive Detection: Halts watering when the internal flow reaches 2 ounces, ensuring accurate response to rainfall. Once water evaporates, timer programming will resume. 
  • Easy Installation: Connects to compatible Claber water timers and includes: a 6' cable, a stainless steel wall bracket, screws, and user-friendly instructions.
  • Protective Cover: Specially designed cover prevents birds and animals from resting on the sensor, maintaining its functionality. Maintain the sensor's efficiency by keeping the protective cover in place, preventing debris interference.
  • Strategic Placement: Install the sensor 6 ft. from the water timer, away from vegetation and sprinklers, ensuring clear operation.

Compatible Timers:

  • Claber 8420 Duplo Evolution Digital Water Timer
  • Claber 8487 Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Water Timer
  • Claber 8486 Tempo Select Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer
  • Claber 8488 Dual-Select Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer
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