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Claber Oasis Evolution Drip Watering System

Claber Oasis Evolution Drip Watering System

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Upgrade your plant care routine with The Claber 8054 Oasis Evolution Automatic Drip Watering System. Enjoy versatile watering programs, intuitive controls, and a complete setup. Enhance your plant's health effortlessly, ensuring they thrive even when you're away. Simplify your gardening with this sleek, user-friendly solution.


  • Versatile Watering Programs: Choose from 7, 14, 21, or 28 days, catering to your plants' specific needs, ensuring consistent hydration.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use dial for effortless programming, allowing precise control over your watering schedule.
  • Delayed Start Option: Set your watering cycle to start after a delay of up to 23 hours, ensuring optimal timing for your plants.
  • Intuitive Backlit Display: New backlit LCD screen provides clear program selection, irrigation cycle duration, programmed delay, and time remaining until the next watering cycle.
  • Complete Setup: Comes with 33-feet of PVC distribution hose, 20 drip emitters, and tubing stakes, offering a comprehensive solution for your plant care needs.
Program7 days14 days21 days28 days
Water delivery per dripper*6.76 oz3.38 oz2.20 oz1.70 oz

Please Note: 

  • Proper Placement: Position the system at least 2.5 feet above your potted plants for efficient and targeted watering.
  • Tubing Replacement: Opt for Drip Depot 1/4" Vinyl tubing for easy indoor low-pressure irrigation. Ensure your total system length stays within 30' to avoid flow issues.
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