Chapin 5/8\" Basic Turbulent Flow (BTF) Drip Tape

Chapin 5/8" Basic Turbulent Flow (BTF) Drip Tape

Product Description

Chapin Tape is an industry leader in irrigation drip tape manufacturing.  Offering the largest flow path and best Cv’s, as well as, a huge selection of flow rates, wall thicknesses and inlet filtration options.  You will find a Chapin drip tape to meet all your needs. Chapin's BTF, Basic Turbulent Flow drip tape features multiple inlet filters for high clogging resistance.


  • Multiple inlet orifices ensure a continuous water flow to each dripper
  • Turbulent flow path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to clogging
  • Engineered extruded high quality polyethylene film ensures round sides providing higher resistance to insect bites and field abrasion
  • Slit design outlet will help prevent root intrusion and soil ingestion
  • Longer flow path ensures true drip flow—no squirts
  • A low emitter exponent will ensure less flow and pressure variation on steep slopes to help increase emission uniformity
  • Lower winding tension to ensure less retraction in the field and avoid kinking and snaking during installation
  • Stringent quality checks at every stage of production will help ensure a high quality product
  • Reinforced packaging to ensure smooth handling in the field and during transportation
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