Bowsmith Fan-Jet Assembly w/ Top Hat

Bowsmith Fan-Jet Assembly w/ Top Hat

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Product Description

This Bowsmith FanJet Assembly comes mounted on the SP-T Riser, a 4.5" barbed inlet stake with a three or six inch rigid riser, and includes the Top Hat for directing the spray in a downward trajectory. The top hat just snaps on the top of the sprinkler frame and can be removed and re-installed when your needs change. When Bowsmith developed the Fan-Jet MicroSprinkler, back in 1977, it proved to be one of the most popular, long lasting options available. Consistent and larger wetting patterns in a low cost, low flow micro-sprinkler make the Fan-Jet a top choice for growers everywhere. The Fan-Jet's integrated splash plate means no moving parts to wear out or jam. Twin wedge post construction provides a wider variety of wetting patterns than most micro-sprinklers or sprayers can offer. Available in several nozzle choices for a variety of applications. 

Fan-Jet Features:

  • Superior 2-piece design: nozzle and twin wedge post frame with splash plate are molded separately
  • No moving parts - splash plate stays aligned with nozzle for consistent patterns
  • High grade copolymer material
  • Splash plate maintains precise alignment over time
  • Quick-twist thread for fast easy field installation
Product Specifications
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