Bosmere Potato Planter Bag

Bosmere Potato Planter Bag

Product Description

With these Potato Planter Bags by Bosmere you don't have to have a garden to plant potatoes. You can enjoy the taste of home grown potatoes with the Potato Planter Bag. Use on your patio or deck or any sunny location. When your crop is ready there is an easy access panel with velcro closures or just tip the planter and enjoy!


  • Easy to use and store for reuse
  • Holds 36 quarts of compost
  • Drainage holes in the bottom
  • Plant 3 to 5 seed potatoes per bag
  • Webbing handles make it easy to move around
  • Made from woven polyethylene wipe clean surface
  • Measures 18" high with a diameter of 14"
Product Accessories
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