Bondable Saddles for PVC Pipe

Bondable Saddles for PVC Pipe

Product Description

Easy to use Bondable PVC Pipe Saddles with slip or FPT (female pipe thread) outlet connection. The perfect choice if you need to tee in a lateral run of pipe from a PVC pipeline that is already installed. No cutting the pipe and trying to squeeze in a "tee" fitting. The saddle adapter glues on the pipe, then just drill the hole and connect the lateral pipe. 

Please Note: Image does not depict actual item.  Saddle colors vary by PVC pipe size.  1 1/2" saddle is black, 2" saddle is white.

Installation Recommendations:

  • When gluing bondable saddles to PVC pipe, it is recommended to use heavy bodied glue such as IPS WELD-ON 719 or equivalent for best results
  • PVC Saddles should not be subjected to high temperatures or extended direct sunlight
  • Use a 15/16” or 1” drill bit to drill the pipe. Irritec recommends using drill bits designed for drilling into PVC or HDPE pipe.
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