Barb Tubing Coupling Valve

Barb Tubing Coupling Valve

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Use this Barb Tubing Coupling Valve to connect two sections of tubing with shut-off valve. Valves are great to control, disperse, slow and/or divert water in all drip irrigation systems.


  • Simple on-off operation and straight through flow
  • Green cap for standard irrigation applications
  • Purple cap is used for reclaimed/recycled water
  • Black cap for general purpose
  • UV stabilized materials for long life


  • Secondary zone water diversion and flow control
  • Gravity irrigation flow valve  
  • Any situation where fluid restriction is needed

Quality barbed fittings provide high retention in low-pressure poly tubing for long-term reliability of connections. The acetal fittings can be confidently installed without clamps when matched with our quality low-pressure poly tubing with corresponding dimensions. See note below on gray PVC fittings.


  • Sharp-edged barbs create leak-proof seal
  • Increased strength and superior quality
  • Heat, chemical and wear-resistant
  • UV stabilized materials for long life

Special Note:  1/4" barbed fittings have the unique ability to be "snapped" into larger tubing after punching a hole into the side of the larger tubing with any of our 1/4" punch tools. This creates a water-tight seal and allows you to "tee-off" of larger diameter tubing using only 1/4" fittings and a hole punch. 

Fitting Size Acceptable Inside Tubing Diameter Fitting Use Max Operating Pressure
1/4" .170"Secondary zone water diversion and flow control, can be used as a dripper in gravity systems Up to 30 PSI
1/2" .570" to .620"Secondary zone water diversion and flow control. Up to 50 PSI
3/4" .805" to .820"Secondary zone water diversion and flow control. Up to 50 PSI
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