Aqualine Brass 3/4\" Hose End Vacuum Breaker

Aqualine Brass 3/4" Hose End Vacuum Breaker

Product Description

This Hose End Vacuum Breaker, often called a backflow preventer, is recommended on any irrigation connection with a shared water source to prevent the risk of contaminants entering back into your water source. This item has standard 3/4" garden hose threads on inlet and outlet. Durable brass construction with rubber seal and stainless steel spring for long life. Not rated for constant pressure so must be placed after any valves or timers.

Garden Hose Threads (GHT, FHT, MHT) are unique in that they make the water-tight seal with a flexible washer between the two connection pieces. Thread seal tape is not recommended since it can inhibit the full threading together of the pieces, thus not allowing a tight leak-proof seal. GHT are not compatible with NPT or IPT/IPS fittings commonly found in iron pipe or PVC water systems.

*Please note: Brass contains trace amounts of lead, so please consider your planned use before purchase.  

Product Specifications
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