Aqualine Brass Hose X Pipe Adapter

Aqualine Brass Hose X Pipe Adapter

Product Description

This durable brass adapter converts a FPT connection to a standard 3/4" MHT or vice versa. Has male hose thread on one side and male pipe thread on the other side. Pipe thread options include 1/2" MPT and 3/4" MPT. An added benefit of the 3/4" male pipe thread is it also serves as a 1/2" female pipe thread connection.

Garden Hose Threads (GHT, FHT, MHT) are unique in that they make the water-tight seal with a flexible washer between the two connection pieces. Thread seal tape is not recommended since it can inhibit the full threading together of the pieces, thus not allowing a tight leak-proof seal. GHT are not compatible with NPT or IPT/IPS fittings commonly found in iron pipe or PVC water systems.

*Please note: Brass contains trace amounts of lead, so please consider your planned use before purchase.  

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