Aqualine Brass Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

Aqualine Brass Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

Product Description

Durable Brass Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker has female pipe thread inlet/outlet. Vacuum breakers are used to prevent back-siphonage of water into the water source reducing the risk of contamination of potable water. These are installed downstream of valves, at least 6" above highest water flow and must be in upright level position, not on angle or tilt, with inlet at the bottom and outflow at the side. Vacuum breakers are not rated for constant pressure.

Installation/Operational Tips:

  • Water may release from the vent during normal operation, please use caution when installing this AVB to ensure that any water released will not cause damage to surrounding area.
  • Please install an AVB in an accessible location.
  • Protect from freezing by surrounding with a protective enclosure, purging the valve, or other appropriate methods.
  • Do not install pumps, valves, or other items that may create a source of back-pressure downstream of the AVB.
  • Do not allow chemicals or fertilizers to be put into an irrigation system using an AVB for protection against back-siphonage. This may result in a contamination of the main water system.
  • Do not subject the AVB to continuous pressure for more than 12 hours.
  • Not for potable water use. Wash hands after handling 
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