Antelco Xpando Take Off

Antelco Xpando Take Off

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Product Description

The Xpando Take-Off adapters are a great option for connecting low pressure irrigation tubing and drip lines to polyethylene tubes or PVC pipe (class 200 and 160 only). Use of capo rubber grommets and correct drill bit is necessary for leakproof installation. Innovative design, with collapsible barb, prevents pull-out and reduces grommet damage during the installation process. Frequently used in agriculture, horticulture and vineyard applications.


  • Easy to install, saves time and money
  • Fitting stays firmly in place when used with the Capo Grommet
  • UV stabilized materials for long life
  • 16mm barb is compatible with Drip Depot 1/2" poly tubing
  • 21mm barb is compatible with Drip Depot 3/4" poly tubing

Installation Requirements

Xpando Take-Off Adapter Nominal Pipe SizeMin Wall ThicknessMax Wall ThicknessCapo GrommetHole Size Req
16mm x 16mm2"0.06"0.14"16mm3/4"
19mm x 21mm2"0.06"0.24"19mm7/8"
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