Antelco Adjustable Vortex Fan Sprayer on 6\" Stake

Antelco Adjustable Vortex Fan Sprayer on 6" Stake

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Product Description

The Antelco Adjustable Vortex Sprayer is mounted on a 6" stake for ease of securing near the base of your plants or in your containers. This is an adjustable flow sprayer with a full circle spray pattern. The flow is easily adjusted by turning the cap from fully closed to fully open (approximately 22 clicks) to meet your watering needs. 


  • Easy finger tip flow control; adjustable while on or off
  • Mounted on 6" spike base with 0.16" barbed inlet
  • Compatible with Drip Depot 1/4" micro-tubing
  • Includes barbed tubing adapter for attaching micro-tubing to mainline poly tubing
Product Specifications
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