Antelco 180 Degree Adjustable Shrubbler on Barb

Antelco 180 Degree Adjustable Shrubbler on Barb

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The Antelco Shrubbler® is the original adjustable flow control dripper. The Shrubbler® is perfect for pots, tubs, landscaped areas and nurseries. Simply turn the cap to increase or decrease flow thus altering the wetted distance of the drippers reach. The 180° stream dripper can be used up against a wall or fence with ease. The barb inlet connection attaches easily into the end of 1/4" micro-tubing or directly into 1/2" or larger poly tubing by punching a hole into the larger tubing with any of our 1/4" punches and pushing the barbed connection into the hole.

Please Note:  Adjustable drippers use a lot of water. It is very easy to overtax a drip system when using many adjustable drippers that are operating fully open. 

*Image does not depict actual 180° model.

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