Antelco 180 Degree Adjustable Shrubbler on Barb

Antelco 180 Degree Adjustable Shrubbler on Barb

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Product Description

The Antelco shrubbler with flow adjustment, by rotating the cap, the flow and coverage can be altered. The 180 degree shrubbler operates between 15 - 30 PSI and adjusting from 0-14 GPH.  This dripper is great for pots, tubs, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Ideal for hanging baskets.

Note:  Adjustable drippers use a lot of water. It is very easy to overtax a drip system when using many adjustable drippers that are operating fully open.

Product Features

-Finger-tip flow control with shut-off option.
-Barb model for direct attachment to micro and supply tubes.
-Barb 0.16”

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