Amiad T Super Brushaway Kit with CIK

Amiad T Super Brushaway Kit with CIK

Product Description

Brushaway Kit with Clogging Indicator Kit (CIK) for the Amiad 2" & 3" T Super filters. The Brushaway filter screen cleaning system is compatible with the molded plastic ribbed weave-wire screens only. 


  • Simple turn-of-the-handle cleaning of the filter screen with Brushaway assembly
  • No need for turning off the water and extracting the filter screen for rinsing
  • No interruption of the process water flow during cleaning
  • Low pressure loss
  • Includes clogging indicator to indicate when cleaning is required

How the ”Brushaway” Assembly Works: The Brushaway assembly consists of nylon brushes fitted on a frame and inserted into the filter screen. Outside the filter, a handle is connected to the brush unit allowing rotation of the brushes to wipe the particles from the inner screen surface. Opening the exhaust valve allows the dislodged particles to then be expelled through the exhaust valve. Brushing is done during the filtering process without interrupting the flow of process water through the filter.

How the ”Clogging Indicator” Works: The Clogging Indicator is a special feature mounted on the filter pressure check points and acts like a “traffic light”. When the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set value of 7 PSI, the red button of the Clogging Indicator pops up to visually indicate that the filter needs to be cleaned.

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