Amiad Sigma Pro Automatic Filter

Amiad Sigma Pro Automatic Filter

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The Amiad Sigma Pro Series filter has multiple filter screens and uses Amiad's suction scanning technology for automatic cleaning. Multiple filter elements in one unit saves space and makes installation easier. Six and eight inch units must sit on level ground; inlet and outlet can be configured to easily fit many installation applications. 


  • Durable polymeric housing is corrosion free
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Very low maintenance
  • Large filtration area in a compact design
  • Uses Amiad's innovative ADI-P controller

Filtration Process

Raw water enters through the filter inlet and passes through the multiple screens. Clean water flows through the filter outlet. The gradual dirt buildup on the screens’ inner surface causes a filter cake to develop, which creates an increase in the pressure differential across the filter system. A differential pressure (DP) switch senses the pressure differential and when it reaches a pre-set value, the self-cleaning process begins.

Control System - ADI-P Controller

The ADI-P controller offers one-of-a-kind monitoring and control functionality. The controller interacts with Amiad’s advanced, user-friendly app that provides detailed filtration performance data on your mobile phone device. The self-cleaning mechanism is controlled and monitored by the ADI-P controller. The self-cleaning cycle is triggered by an integrated DP switch. The controller also provides a flush cycle counter and a low battery alert as well as a DP cycle alert.

Self-Cleaning Process

The flush water flows through the hydraulic turbines, causing the suction-scanners to spin. The drop in pressure forces the suction-scanners into an axial movement upward, ensuring that the nozzles sweep and clean the entire inner side of the fine screens. The self-cleaning process is triggered by any one of the following conditions.

1. Receiving a signal from the DP switch, pre-set at 7 psi.

2. Time interval parameter set at the controller.

3. Manual start, triggered by 3-way ball valve or via electronic controller keypad.

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