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Amiad Mini Sigma Automatic Filter

Amiad Mini Sigma Automatic Filter

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The Mini Sigma Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter, from Amiad, is reliable and durable yet lightweight and compact, fitting just about any landscape or agricultural application. The Mini Sigma is corrosion free, easy to install, and low maintenance. Designed to operate effectively with lower pressures and minimal maintenance. The Mini Sigma is outfitted with Amiad's ADI-P electronic controller, making monitoring the filter a breeze via bluetooth technology and a user friendly mobile app. 

Amiad's unique suction scanning technology uses less than 1% of the total process water while still providing 100% cleaning of the screen area (results may vary depending on specific application conditions). This is the lowest ratio in the industry!

Automatic self-cleaning filters will save time, energy and money. No manpower lost to manual monitoring and cleaning, less water wasted as the self-cleaning process only uses the precise amount needed to clean and flush filter. This reduces the cost of both water and labor.


  • Durable polymeric construction
  • Molded weave-wire stainless steel screen
  • Flexible inlet/outlet configurations make the Mini Sigma extremely versatile
  • Energy efficient, unique cleaning mechanism requiring only 22 PSI per cycle
  • Available in several sizes to fit many applications
  • Includes Amiad ADI-P Controller for monitoring and/or programming cleaning schedules

How It Works

Standard Filtration Process - Raw water enters the filter from inlet is drawn through the screen from inside to outside and exits as clean water through the filter outlet. The Mini Sigma has a coarse screen to catch any large debris before the water passes through the finer screen to capture remaining smaller particles. Debris accumulates on the inside of the filter screens and begins to increase the pressure differential across the filter inlet and outlet. Once the pressure differential reaches the preset level the Differential Pressure Switch (DPS) triggers the self-cleaning process. This means cleaning is performed "as needed", which results in minimal energy and water waste.

Self-Cleaning Process - Once activated, the flush valve opens to atmosphere, which then creates a powerful backwash stream that flows through the hydraulic turbines causing them to rotate and the scanners to spin.  This creates a strong suction force at the scanner nozzles which ensures the entire screen is swept clean and debris is flushed out the discharge valve.

The self-cleaning cycle is initiated by any one of the following conditions:

  1. Signal from the DPS is pre-set at 7 PSI.
  2. Time interval parameter set at the controller.
  3. Manual start, triggered by the ADI-P mobile app (within Bluetooth range) or via electronic controller keypad.  

ADI-P Controller - The ADI-P controller, included on all Mini Sigma filters, allows you to program or initiate cleaning schedules right at the controller unit or from Amiad's ADI-P mobile app on your smart device via bluetooth technology (when within bluetooth range). This is not a wifi compatible controller. ADI-P controller interacts with the smart device app and will send detailed performance and data reports. 

ADI-P Controller and Mobile App Features:

  • DP and flush cycle counters
  • Alerts – low/high pressures, low battery
  • Reports and performance history data
  • Operates on four AA (1.5V batteries)
  • 9 - 12 VDC latching solenoid
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