Amiad Disc Element for 1 1/2\" Tagline Filter

Amiad Disc Element for 1 1/2" Tagline Filter

Product Description

Replacement disc element for the 1 1/2" Amiad Tagline Filter. Replacement includes NBR seals. Durable polyethylene (HDPE) discs are easy to clean with the unique expandable spine that allows separating the discs without removing from the spine assembly. To expand, look inside the element and twist the end with the slide lock tabs to unscrew the spine. Spine expands approximately one inch allowing cleaning between the discs.

Replacement discs include two o-rings for perfect sealing within the filter body.  Direction of flow for a disc filter element is from the outside into the center.

Micron to Mesh Equivalent

Disc ColorBlackRedYellow
Micron Size100130200
Mesh Size15512080
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Product Specifications
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