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AlgoPlus Humus

AlgoPlus Humus

Product Description

The AlgoPlus Natural Humus Soil Conditioners granules are 100% water soluble and easy to apply. They can be blended or spread throughout the area. Just mix 1 lb of Algoplus Humic Acid with 1 gallon water and apply to your soil once per month during the growing season. Easily combines with any of the Algoplus liquid concentrate fertilizers. 

Humus is a naturally occurring soil conditioner. One of the most bio-chemically active materials found in soil! It increases the plant's ability to absorb the essential nutrients from the soil while improving soil structure.

AlgoPlus Humus is extracted from the mineral anthracite, deep mined coal, by a process known as Leonardite. The resulting product is a water soluble black granule fortified with potassium oxide. While humic acid does not directly provide nutrients to plants, it compliments fertilizers and reduces input cost. Thus, increasing fertilizer performance and crop yields, promoting plant health, increasing soil water retention and fertility, and boosting seed germination.

Product Specifications
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