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7.0mm Punch for 400 Barb

7.0mm Punch for 400 Barb

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This 7.0mm Punch is used to punch holes in your poly tubing for any 400 Barb fittings. The 400 barbs are compatible in our 3/4" or larger poly tubing.

To use this punch:

  1. Place tubing on ground or stable surface (do not hold in hand).
  2. Place punch cutting edge against tubing and push - careful twisting may be required to cut through tubing.
  3. After hole is punched, press the spring loaded ejector lever to clear debris from punch tip opening.
  4. Punch next hole.

*A little-known but valuable tip is to punch the holes in your poly tubing when it is cool/cold. If possible, try to punch holes in your tubing in the morning before the sun warms it too much.

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