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4-Way Assembly w/Four Drip Arrow Sticks

4-Way Assembly w/Four Drip Arrow Sticks

Product Description

A 4-Way assembly, often called a spider assembly, is used to divide one button style drip emitter into four outlets. Each 4-way assembly comes standard with 5” angle drip arrow sticks to hold in place in the container or near the plant. Keep the elevation change to a minimum as the water drips through the spider feed lines more by the force of gravity than pressure. Available in several lengths and colors. Perfect for use in greenhouse and nursery applications or in hydroponic systems. 

Please Note: Button Dripper not included. Optimal performance is achieved with higher flow drippers such as 2 GPH. Keeping drip tube elevated above pots for complete draining after system shutdown will reduce clogging in the manifold micro-tubing from algae or debris.

Product Accessories
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