21 GPH Microsprinklers On Spike

21 GPH Microsprinklers On Spike

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Product Description
Microsprinkler on spike with heads for 360, 180, 90 or strip spray. Maximum flow rates 25 GPH, maximum diameter 22'-26' full circle, 8' 180 6' 90 and 6' x 30 strip.Designed for large diameters (up to 26' full circle). Can be used on flower beds and vegetable gardens, trees, ground cover, slopes or seed germination.


  • 24" microtubing with barb. 
  • Interchangable heads for 360, 180, 90 degree and strip spray.

Flow rate 16-21 GPH at 15-25 PSI. Recommended spacing 12' to 15' apart. Up to 15 microsprinklers may be used on the same 1/2" poly tube line with 25 PSI.

The slow, even application of small droplets make microsprinklers the ideal method to achieve deep watering with no runoff or evaporation loss.

Installation: Punch hole in the 1/2" Poly tube and snap the barb on the end of the microtubing into the 1/2" Poly tube. We recommend mounting the microsprinkler a minimum of 8" above the ground

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