1 Acre Farm Kit Instructions


The 1 Acre Farm kit comes with a 2” inlet/outlet Large T filter, pressure regulator and 2” layflat hose for mainline. Also included is a complete drip irrigation system for watering straight crop rows with ⅝” drip tape. However, because no two systems are alike, additional items will be required to complete the installation. Not included are pipe and fittings to connect filter to your water source. Also, depending on the installation design additional items may be needed to reach from filter assembly to the layflat hose header.


Step 1.  Install Filter. Filter has 2” MPT inlet/outlet. This kit includes 2” FPT PVC ball valves, 2” FPT elbow fittings and 2” PVC pipe nipples to help facilitate installation into your water source. Also two pressure gauges are included which will be installed on the inlet and outlet sides of the filter for tracking pressure differential indicating when cleaning is required. Here is a video with Installation Tips for Large T Filters: https://youtu.be/MFmz5rPh8MQ.


Step 2.  Attach Pressure Regulator downstream of your filter.


Step 3.  Attach Layflat x Male Threads Adapter fitting to filter/regulator assembly or supply piping. Slide layflat hose over barbed end of Layflat x MPT fitting and secure with t-bolt clamp.


Step 4.  Run layflat hose out across the top of rows.


Step 5.  Cap off the layflat line using the layflat end cap. Secure the hose to the fitting with a t-bolt clamp.


Step 6. Build the drip tape connection group of fittings in the following order:  item numbers 9312 > 7909 > 7906 > approximately 12” of ½” poly tubing > 1190. This series of fittings, when combined, will allow for some variance and/or movement of the layflat hose once engaged with water.

For assistance using the Perma-Loc style fittings see the video linked in Tip #4 at the end of these instructions.


Step 7. Lay out your tape down each row.


Step 8. Using the layflat cutter (per video instructions) cut a hole in the layflat to match up with each run of tape.


Step 9. Attach the tear drop end of the connection set into the layflat (per video instructions).

Step 10. Attach your tape to the tape end of connection set. Once the tape is securely attached. Repeat with each row.


Step 11.  Attach a tape end cap to the end of each row of tape.



  1. It is recommended to open all lines and flush out before pressurizing the system.  

  2. By burying the tape at least a couple inches into the soil you can reduce the amount of expansion and contraction the tape will experience due to heat and cold.

  3. When cutting the drip tape, make clean straight cuts.

  4. Install Drip Tape with emitter side up to reduce suctioning in of debris at shutdown.

  5. For assistance using Perma-Loc fitting see our video: https://youtu.be/v0p8EQvMm7M.