0.8 GPH Fogger on Barb

0.8 GPH Fogger on Barb

Product Description

DIG’s .8 GPH Cooling Fogger

DIG’s low flow, 360-degree Foggers are ideal for misting, humidifying, and cooling applications in residential gardens and greenhouses. The foggers vortex design spins the water droplets into a fine mist, producing micro-sized droplets in a small diameter area. The low flow foggers are available in full circle, small diameter pattern only, and operate at a pressure range of 30 to 60 PSI. The foggers can be placed near pools and patio areas or in greenhouses to reduce temperature by their humidifying effect, or used where overhead watering is suggested on any type of planting, including vegetation that requires constant moisture.




  • Incorporates a vortex mechanism, breaking the water into micro-sized droplets
  • Can be used for overhead cooling and humidifying, indoors or outdoors
  • Can be extended with 1/4" micro tubing in upright or upside down position
  • Efficient method to apply water with a very fine mist application
  • Trouble free operation with no moving parts
  • Low flow with small droplets in a fine mist with 360-degree pattern in approximately 70° trajectory
  • Color coded nozzles are easy to open, clean and replace
  • Three part construction with O-ring for a tight seal
  • Available with ¼” barbed or 10⁄32" threaded base
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, durable plastic material


Product Specifications
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