Toro Evolution AG Wireless Weather Sensor

Toro Evolution AG Wireless Weather Sensor

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TORO EVO-WS Wireless Weather Sensor 

The EVO-WS sensor works exclusively with the EVOLUTION® AG Series controllers to manage water usage by using live temperature and solar measurements as well as historical weather data for a particular location to calculate the right amount of water needed from the irrigation system. The integrated Smart Connect® Receiver then automatically updates the controller for hassle free water savings.

The sensor detects current sunlight level, temperature and rainfall, then transmits this information wirelessly to the Smart Connect™ (offered separately) device plugged into the EVOLUTION Series Controller. The controller then adjusts the run time of your irrigation system to provide the optimum amount of water required for the next watering day.


  • Sensor continuously monitors air temperature and solar radiation to generate
  • The amount of precipitation required to shut off the system is Adjustable.
  • The sensor is supplied with an SD card which contains 10 years of historical weather information for North American based on ZIP Code or latitude/longitude locations. The data is used to generate the weather adjustments and can also be used as backup values if sensor communications are ever lost.
  • The wireless weather sensor does not require any external data connection to operate. There are no monthly or yearly service fees required to have ET based weather adjustments based on local conditions
  • Low battery indicator and alert in the EVOLUTION AG controller
  • One sensor can support multiple controllers within the radio range of the sensor
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