Toro Blue Stripe PC Dripline (.620\" ID x .710\"OD)

Toro Blue Stripe PC Dripline (.620" ID x .710"OD)

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With over 30 years of emitter design, Toro has made tremendous advances in emitter technology. Blueline® PC premium pressure compensating dripline is the result, providing greater resistance to plugging, unmatched durability, and superior flow accuracy. Toro Blueline® PC premium pressure compensating dripline is the top choice for permanent crop applications, above ground, below ground, or hanging on a wire.

Item Specifications:

  • Tubing Size.620" ID x .710"OD
  • Nominal Flow Rate: 1.0 GPH per emitter
  • Emitter Spacing: 12"
  • Roll Length: 500'

The Latest Technology - The exclusive Toro flow path technology is the result of 30 years of emitter design in combination with the latest in computer aided design.

Unmatched Uniformity - Flow path technology uses a shark tooth design providing a fully turbulent flow path that is independent from the wall of the tubing

Self Flushing Diaphragm - Patented new design flushes during operation and shutdown, further resisting clogging and providing longer life for your system


  • New anti-siphon feature reduces susceptibility to back siphoning
  • Laser drilled outlets are created using precision laser technology
  • Blue Stripe® of Quality allows for easy identification of emitters during installation and operation
  • Fully pressure compensating from 10 to 60 PSI
  • Low profile emitter reduces friction loss
  • Excellent uniformity in applications with longer lengths of run and undulating terrain
Please Note: The Toro Blueline® PC premium pressure compensating dripline has inside and outside diameter of .620" ID x .710" OD when matching to fittings. We recommend our Perma-loc Tubing fittings with the Toro PC Blue Stripe. 
Product Specifications
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