3/8\" X 50\' Ocean Breeze Kit

3/8" X 50' Ocean Breeze Kit

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Product Description

Install your cooling system in minutes, placing nozzles just where you want them! For residential use in patios, eaves, gazebos, pool areas, plants and camping sites.

Features and Benefits of the Ocean Breeze Misting System:

  • Significantly reduces the air temperature up to 20 degrees
  • Evaporates instantly, no muddy accumulation
  • Removes dust from air
  • Easy to install, attaches directly to hose or faucet
  • Easily expandable
  • Enough line for 30'-40' cooling system (50' run)
  • Can be used with shade cloth
  • For best results, mist heads should be installed at a 45 degree angle, with heads spaced every 3-4 ft facing the area to be cooled
  • All non-toxic material
  • All parts included

Kit contains:

  • 10 - Easy to clean 3/4 GPH Misting Nozzle on Barb
  • 50' - 3/8" misting line
  • 1- Faucet Connector with screen
  • 15 - "C" Clamps
  • 1- line connector
  • 1- line end
  • 1- punch
  • 1- set of complete installation instructions

Create your own micro climate -How it Works

By increasing the moisture content of the surrounding air, and the immediate evaporation of the mist, the Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System can dramatically reduce the air temperature. The hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable the cooling effect.

To create your own Micro Climate, simply attach any Ocean Breeze Evaporative Mist Cooling System to any convenient faucet. Turn on the water and enjoy the cooling comfort of and Ocean Breeze. 

  • Cools the air up to 20 degrees
  • Working pressure 40-80 psi
  • Easy to install, attaches directly to a hose or faucet
  • Enough line for a 50' run

Product Specifications
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