Stainless Steel Replacement Screen-1030

Stainless Steel Replacement Screen-1030

Product Description

Use these replacement screens with any of the Irritec 3/4" or 1" filters - Item numbers 1025, 1019 and 1015 only. Replacement filters are 5 inches high and 1.5 inches wide.

  • Acid: very good resistance depending on concentration and temperature. Resistance to most mineral acids is excellent.
  • Alkali: limited resistance depending on concentration and temperature. Excellent resistance to low concentrated lyes. Dissolves in highly concentrated lyes at higher temperatures.
  • Oxidizing agents: good resistance
  • Organic solvents: excellent resistance. Some phenolic compounds and hot nitrobenzene can dissolve the screens.
  • Generally the screens show no evidence of toxicity and have excellent resistance to decay and bacteria.

Note: 200 mesh(black) is smaller than 155 mesh (yellow) which is smaller than 100 mesh (blue).


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