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Spot-Spitter Tall

Spot-Spitter Tall

Product Description

Primerus - SpotSpitter - Tall

The strongest and most dependable spray stake in the world has now reached new heights. The Spot-Spitter Tall stands 11 inches high and is ideal for Pot-in-Pot, Ball and Burlap, field grown and large container applications. The Spot-Spitter Tall allows you to put more of the stake in the ground, increasing stability while also increasing the above ground height.

Spot-Spitter drippers are the world’s first nursery spray stake and remain the market leader due to its quality construction and precise water placement.  Spot-Spitter drippers are ideal for any application in which a soil-wetting mini-spray pattern is desired. 

Spot-Spitter drippers are the simplest and most effective method available for irrigating nursery containers. Its innovative V-Groove design delivers an accurate spray directly to the root zone without waste. The large flow passage stands up to dirty water and can be cleaned by simply removing the supply tube, then putting it back on. Solid construction from UV-inhibited acetal plastic results in years of trouble-free use in the toughest environments, and color-coded flow rates provide easy identification. “Light Green Low Flow”, “Orange Mini Flow” and “Hi-Flow Black” are familiar terms among experienced nursery growers.

the Spot-Spitter DS can easily be turned off by reversing it and placing the shut-off tip into the tube.

Advantages of the Spot-Spitter Tall over competitive products include:

  • Uniform root zone coverage
  • Uniform flow rates, less dependent on tubing
  • Reduced overspray and runoff
  • Color coded flow rates, consistent with AG
  • Tough, UV-inhibited acetal material
Please note: Spot-Spitters require 1/8" tubing to connect

The Spot-Spitter Tall is available in both horizontal spray (AG) and DownSpray (DS) patterns:

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