Sky Flexi-Flat Layflat Hose by Irritec

Sky Flexi-Flat Layflat Hose by Irritec

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This medium pressure layflat hose is recommended for Drip Irrigation Systems. Constructed with 3-ply high tenacity polyester yarns. Both tube and cover extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding. UV resistant for longer life. Anti-delamination, anti-expansion, anti-elongation, anti-torsion factors decrease stretching when pressurized. 

Operating Specifications:

Hose Size2"3"4"6"8"
Wall Thickness1.5mm1.55mm1.75mm2.0mm2.3mm
Working Pressure (PSI)10070705040
Roll Length328'328'328'328'328'
Roll Weight (lbs)68100139220452

*Caution: Temperature Range: -4° F to 158° F. If temperature exceeds 111° F the working pressure will decrease. 

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