DIG Six Zone High Flow Drip Head

DIG Six Zone High Flow Drip Head

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Six Zone High Flow Drip Manifold

This high flow 6 outlet drip manifold is used to retrofit an existing ½" sprinkler riser into a drip irrigation system without changing the flow of the sprinkler system zone. This drip manifold with ½" female pipe thread (FPT) is pressure compensating, operating at a pressure range of 15-60 PSI with an even flow rate of 6 gallons per hour (GPH) per each outlet. The six rotating barbed elbow outlets can be connected to a ¼" micro tubing to deliver water under the plant canopy or incorporate a ¼" dripline, ¼" soaker hose or drip emitters to a maximum flow of 6 GPH for good root zone coverage of individual plants or groups of plants. This can mean water savings of 50% - 70%.


  • Applies water directly to the plant root zone area, leading to less surface evaporation from leaves and soil
  • Eliminates wet walls and discoloration and staining of fences and windows
  • Designed for new and existing landscapes, including oddly shaped areas where a sprinkler head cannot provide good coverage
  • No special tools or glue are needed
  • Barbed elbow outlets allow installation flexibility
  • Pressure compensating feature allows for equal flow rates from each outlet
  • Install above grade, or place below grade in a 6" emitter box
  • Use with 1/4" micro tubing (size range .140” to .170” ID)

The most suitable uses for a multi-outlet drip irrigation manifold include watering shrubs, trees, roses, pots, or individual plants that can be irrigated more efficiently using a drip irrigation system. When considering retrofitting a conventional sprinkler riser to a water-saving drip system, there are a few simple suggestions that may help.

  1. Evaluation of the areas to be watered - are plants within close proximity to the sprinkler riser, would the area be better served by water saving drip irrigation?
  2. Selection of the best method to water - micro tubing running to individual plants, with or without drip emitters; dripline running through ground cover or under densely planted shrubs.
  3. What flow rate to use - this model, each outlet can provide up to 6 GPH, this doesn’t mean you have to use all but you can not exceed that amount on any one of the outlets.
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