Round Grates

Round Grates

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This durable round, flat drain grate is manufactured from structurally foamed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a UV inhibitor to reduce damage from the sun.  The large opening slot design allows greater flow while still preventing large debris from entering the drain.  

When installed the grate surface is flush with the surrounding area.


  • Precision engineered and manufactured to attach directly to Sewer and Drain Pipe and Fittings,Triple Wall Pipe and Corrugated Pipe. 
  • Easy to use, installs in minutes and blends well with the landscape. 
  • Can either attach directly to drainage pipes or are used with catch basins.
  • Typical application would be for direct attachment to Drainage Pipe where a catch basin is not appropriate or feasible.

This flat grate can be used for relatively small areas of grass, flower beds, patios, driveways, etc. without the need for a catch basin. Excess water flows towards and through the grate and then drains directly to below grade drainage pipe that allows the water to flow to areas where excess water can be tolerated.

Grate can withstand pedestrian, wheelchair and bicycle traffic.

3 inch Grate

Dimensions:3.60" diameter x 1.70" height
Weight:0.13 lbs.
Open Area:3 sq in
Slot Width:3/16"
Flow Rating:3 GPM
Max Load:500 lbs.*

4 inch Grate

Dimensions:4.50" diameter x 1.80" height
Weight:0.18 lbs.
Open Area:5 Sq In
Slot Width:1/4"
Flow Rating:6 GPM
Max Load:750 lbs.*

6 inch Grate

Dimensions:6.60" diameter x 2.20" height
Weight:0.46 lbs.
Open Area:13 sq in
Slot Width:5/16"
Flow Rating:16 GPM
Max Load:1,000 lbs.*

*(Maximum load based on weight uniformly applied across entire grate surface.)

Product Specifications
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