RAW Silica by NPK

RAW Silica by NPK

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RAW Silica formulation is designed to assist with improving plant structure, such as cell strength in stems and leaves making the plants more resistant to disease. RAW Silica contains 45% silicon dioxide which is the highest concentration available to home gardeners. While not soluble, RAW Silica is flowable and suspend-able in water. Since RAW Silica is a natural form of silicon dioxide, it is PH neutral and does not cloud when added to water. RAW Silica can be used during all stages of growth and bloom for optimal stem and cell wall strength. It is a beneficial supplement to all feeding schedules.

2 oz. package of raw silica makes up to 200 gallons

8 oz. package makes up to 800 gallons

2 lb. package makes up to 3200 gallons

*As always, moderation is recommended when using additives. Start with very low dosages, see how the plants respond, and add more if necessary.

Raw = soluble

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