RAW OminA by NPK

RAW OminA by NPK

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NPK's RAW ominA (essential) is a naturally occurringsource of 14% vegan Nitrogen derived from plant protein hydrolysate. OminA is very easily absorbed and has a dramatic effect on calcium uptake by the plant roots! It is 100% water soluble and will not clog injection pumps or irrigation lines. Use RAW ominA in conjunction with other nutrients and supplements throughout every stage of growth and bloom.

  • 2 oz. package makes up to 200 gallons
  • 8 oz. package makes up to 800 gallons
  • 2 lb. package makes up to 3200 gallons

*As always, moderation is always recommended when using additives. Start with very low dosages, see how the plants respond, and add more if necessary.

Raw = soluble

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