Pressure Compensating Micro Sprinkler

Pressure Compensating Micro Sprinkler

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Pressure Compensating Micro Sprinkler

The NEXT GENERATION pressure compensated Micro Sprinkler with its advanced features and proven technology covers the demanding needs of an energy efficient yet extremely consistent irrigation system. This sprinkler comes complete with head assemble and mounting stake.

The sprinkler consists of a chemical and wear resistant EPDM regulating diaphragm inside an interchangeable color coded nozzle and base assembly. Several color coded spinner styles offer various trajectory angles which provide for a distribution pattern to best match the applications needs.

This sprinkler comes in low flow and high flow versions. Both versions have the same coverage diameter and only differ by their flow rate. The low flow version will take longer to saturate any given area but may allow you to use two or more sprinklers in the same area for more flexibility in coverage pattern. This sprinkler also comes with a larger barb to facilitate adequate water flow. Inserting this barb into 1/2" poly takes a little more effort.


  • Stronger, easier to use top bridge piece.
  • More housing connection options. Now includes 3/8" mipt and Quick Thread options.
  • New Stake model 37 has an improved sprinkler attachment system for more reliable operation.
  • Bridge has built in hooks for hanging a sprinkler from a wire.

Wear Resistant Design-Reliable

  • Retractable pop-up spinner prevents insects and debris from entering the sprinkler between irrigations.
  • Chemical and wear resistant EPDM diaphragm.
  • Pressure compensating design reduces abrasion and wear on nozzle and spinner.
  • Durable structure - designed for heavy-duty long-term field operation.

Performance Versatility

  • Head is locked onto stake.
  • Easily adapted for both young and mature trees.
  • Color-coded nozzles for easy flow rate identification.
  • Multiple attachment options for different types of systems.
  • Easily attaches to wire for overhead application.

Environmental Control-Dependable

  • Specially designed for under tree irrigation.
  • Reduced run-off due to low precipitation rates and uniform distribution.
  • Enhances frost protection and cooling.

Uniform Distribution Pattern

  • Improved water and fertilizer management.
  • Irrigation uniformity in difficult topographical conditions.

Clog Resistant - Dependable

  • Large water passages.
  • Unique self-flushing design.
  • Floating diaphragm.

Flow Rate Uniformity-Accurate

  • Flow regulated from 20 to 60 PSI
  • Even distribution of water and fertilizers

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